Welfare Aid International is now able to receive Khums payments on behalf of the office of Ayatullah Sistani in Afghanistan. Donors will receive a receipt from Welfare Aid International as well as the office of Ayatullah Sistani in Afghanistan. 

Khums payments will be used to fund various relief projects run in coordination with the office and local charity organisations. 

The first project for which we are appealing to donors is to staff and equip a hospital in Kabul. This hospital was recently built through charitable donations. The building itself is ready for use but currently there is no medical equipment. What is now urgently needed is to staff and equip this hospital. One of the main services this hospital will be providing is facilities for pregnant women to receive antenatal care and give birth in safer and more hygienic conditions. The hospital is situated in a vulnerable area of Kabul housing minority communities. 

We urge donors to make general and khums donations to this cause so that this hospital can begin to offer services to the local community as soon as possible.

Welfare Aid International

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Acc no 12375608


General donations: AFAID

Khums donations: AFAIDKHMS