Zakaat al-fitr is a Wajib (obligatory) charity. The head of the family must pay the Zakat for themselves and all their dependents at the end of the month of Ramadhan.

This obligation is due on the eve or morning of Eid, but you do have the option of transferring it earlier and it will be held in trust until the day of Eid.
You SHOULD MAKE THE INTENTION TO PAY ZAKAT FITRA on the evening before or on the day of Eid.

In Australia, the amount we are estimating is $10 per person. This is the estimated value of the obligatory 3kgs of some common staple foods. However, it is a recommendation to give more.

The funds collected by Welfare Aid International will be directed to providing food for the deserving poor in Yemen.

Paying via bank transfer:

Bank Transfers:

Welfare Aid International
BSB: 313–140
Account: 12375608


If you are a Sayyid, please use the reference: Sayyidfitr2023

If you are NOT a Sayyid, please use the reference: Zakatfitr2023