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Since September, much of Kenya’s north has received less than 30 per cent of normal rainfall. The lack of rainfall has wiped out pastures and exacerbated food and water shortages. Last month, the United Nations said it expected about 2.4 million people across Kenya’s arid and semi-arid counties, to struggle to find food from November. Families are forced to live on very little food and this leads to malnutrition and associated illnesses especially in children.

Our partner organisation ABSN has been running outreach programs delivering food parcels to families in these arid areas. This helps cushion the impact of the drought and buys these families time as they wait for the rain to arrive.

A donation of $40 can provide one food pack consisting of maize, oil and other essentials. Please use the link below to make your donation.

The 4th consignment of the second month consecutively, ABSN has been donating foodstuffs to the residents of Roka village as a way of cushioning them from the effects of the drought. This humble donation has been received by the villagers as a ray of hope and blessing from God.

Each Family Pack includes:

  • 1 Bale of Maize meal- A nutritious staple in Kenya
  • 1Kg of Salt 
  • 3Kg of Sugar
  • 2L of Cooking Oil
  • other essentials

Each Pack is $40

Whenever our team of volunteers appears, chanting of Takbir and praises could be heard from distances a good sign of God’s favours to the people.