With your donations, you'll be providing an entire community with the most simple necessity of proper sanitation, accessibility to clean, fresh water. By providing access to clean water, we are providing a chance to break free poverty, providing a chance to transform the lives of the less fortunate. By building a well from the funds raised we will relieve the hardships of those travelling 5 hours to collect clean, fresh drinking water. I hope you'll consider contributing to this significant milestone for the less fortunate,  no matter how small the donation it can make a significant difference.
Don't let dirty water end a life.

CAS is a core component of the IB, which is short for the International Baccalaureate. It is an opportunity for all students to collaborate and explore beyond the classroom. CAS stands for creativity, activity and service which are also known as the three strands. Part of completing CAS involves our CAS project, which is usually completed in groups. Our group has decided to dedicate our CAS project to helping others in need and being rather beneficial.

Our goal
Our goal is to raise $3000, in order to build one well in Tanzania. Please donate with whatever amount you can, no matter how small, every little bit will aid us in reaching our goal.

I thank you all in advance, for your generosity. 

Rayaan Jomaa