Objective: To fund 20 Wells ($3000 each well)

Location: Tanzania

Partners: Desk and Chair Foundation and WIPHAS Tanzania

Shallow Wells

A lot of rural communities and families in Tanzania do not have access to clean safe water. Unlike in many developed nations, water is not piped nor is readily available to a large proportion of the population.

It's hard to believe that more often than not, the clean water a developing community desperately needs is right underneath them. And it's amazing how a relatively small investment to get to it can make such a dramatic difference in so many lives. That's why we fund these good projects!

Each shallow well serves a community of several 100 for often a lifetime (the oldest well we visited was 30years old and was still going strong.)

Welfare aid international with our partners in Tanzania is bringing this gift of water to hundreds of people. Take the plunge to make a difference today.