Monthly Commitment per child: $120

Total Orphans sponsored by WAI: 18

Just like everywhere else in the world, orphans in Tanzania are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. Without the care of their mothers and fathers, these children are left to the care of relatives or guardians who, being in tight financial circumstances, cannot care for the orphan alongside their own children. Those less fortunate are abandoned altogether, neglected and abused on so many levels.

WAI and WIPAHS share the sentiment that it is the duty of every member of society to assist these orphans in every aspect of life to give them the love and opportunity they deserve.

The Haven of Peace Orphanage was established in 2008 and now caters for 220 orphans who have lost both mother and father. The intake of orphans starts when they are 2 and a half years old where all the paperwork and medical checks are processed. Every year there is an intake of 25 orphans to the centre. The children are simultaneously registered at the WIPAHS Nursery school where their education commences. As the orphan grows he/she progresses to the primary and secondary schools that WIPAHS has so well developed.

WIPAHS strives to provide these vulnerable children a home environment, comfortable accommodation, education, clothing, medical facilities and lots of love and care so that not only the physical but also the emotional needs of the orphan are met.

WIPAHS Haven of Peace Orphanage aims to provide care to its orphans with a holistic approach: cherishing, nourishing and educating him/her, until 18 years later when the orphan contributes to society as an educated and independent individual. 

A sponsor can provide the funds to care for a child for 6 months, one year or for as long as is possible until they reach an age of independence. WIPAHS provides an update on the orphan’s progress and education with a report card twice a year.

Donate now to fulfil the duty - give an innocent child a fair go at life.