14-Jun update: Target achieved, the appeal is now closed.

Provide Families with a Chance to Eat Meat

The Messenger of Allah (saw) has said: "One of the wisdom for Eid Al Adha is that the poor among you are able to eat meat. So feed them!" (Wasail, n. 18995)

Imam al-Sadiq(as): "When the first drop of blood of the slaughtered animal touches the ground, the sins of the person who purchased the animal are forgiven" (Wasail, n. 18996)

It is highly recommended to offer Qurban on behalf of oneself and members of one's family on the day of Eid Al Adha and other occasions. Welfare Aid International is able to organise Qurban on your behalf in the countries listed below. The meat from each slaughtered animal will be distributed as portions of meat to needy families in various locations. In many cases this is the only time these families have the opportunity to eat meat.