Ashura Orphan Sponsorship

Imam Husayn: "O God! Everything we did.. was to protect and secure the indisputable rights of Your oppressed servants." (The Sermon of Mina)

This year, we hope to share in the mission of Imam Hussain (as) by bringing education and empowerment to orphans and severely deprived children around the world. We hope that you will join us on this focus on education and empowerment.

For Ashura, we are hoping to secure quality education for the coming year for another 40 orphans in Africa and the Middle East. While costs vary in different parts of the world, we are estimating an average of $100 per month or $1200 per year for one child's education. We hope you can share in the mission of Imam Husain by providing 40 children with both an Islamic and academic education over the next year.

Please visit the link below, choose the number of months you want to sponsor and make your donation.

Each 100$ is a months sponsorship.