Laylatul Qadr Orphan Certificate

Last year over the nights of Qadr, the community came together to sponsor the education and support of 30 orphans at the Haven of Peace for an entire year. We hope that we can continue these sponsorships for another year by showing compassion to an orphan on a night where our actions will have the reward of a thousand months. We are also hoping to extend the program to education sponsorships for 10 orphans in Iraq.

The Prophet (saw): Whoever honours an orphan during this month, Allah (SWT) will honour them on the Day they meet with Him.

In Tanzania, the Haven of Peace is a school and living facility that looks after orphans who have lost both their father and mother. In Iraq, the Imamain Jawadain school caters to orphans from poor families, providing them with a high-quality education.

As we approach the nights of Qadr, we have the unique opportunity to continue to look after the living and educational needs of 40 orphans.

Like last year, we have 250 Orphan Care certificates from our overseas partners' schools. These will be available to purchase in the Welfare Aid shop over the next 3 nights @ $200 each. Each certificate purchased will look after the needs of an orphan for approximately 2 months and literally provides them with a haven of peace.

To purchase the certificate(s), please visit the link below:

We have also attached a sample update on the progress of the orphans over the last year and further details of the orphans you can also check the following link.