Around the world, there are people struggling day by day just to get by. For some it may be financial, others it may be health and for many, it is the reality of living in an environment of little security or peace.
In other parts of the world, however, such a reality could not be further than the truth. With many living in absolute peace and comfort, the only discomfort that applies to them at times may be the discomfort of ‘first world problems.

However, when witnessing the atrocities around the world, there is a particular kind of heart that seems to be discomforted slightly more than others. That is the heart of a mother when she sees what other mothers have to go through and the sufferings they need to endure whilst trying to protect their children.

As one mother's heart aches at the pain of her circumstances, another mothers heart is aching at the pain of her sister around the world.
Mothers 2 Mothers is a campaign to help relieve the pain of the mothers living in the painful realities of hardship and the mother that knows her hands are tied to try and help the other. Through this camping mothers from all over the world that are able to enjoy a sense of security are able to reach out and sponsor mothers that have been left with no means to support their families.

Through such sponsorships, we aim to alleviate the pain of the mother suffering with her children as well as the pain of the mother watching her sisters around the world suffer.

A mothers heart is born with her child, no matter where in the world she may have birthed them.

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