Project: Purchase of a life-saving Apheresis Machine for the Sayyidul Shuhada Hospital in Esfahan, Iran
An apheresis machine allows the donation of plasma blood products (instead of donation of whole blood products). Treatment with plasma infusion is an essential part of care for patients who are in the critical stage of COVID-19 infection.

Iran, and Esfahan in particular, has been severely impacted with the COVID-19 outbreak. The numbers of patients presenting to Sayyidul Shuhada Hospital with COVID-19 infection is large. These patients are often in the most critical stage of the illness and require plasma products as an essential part of their treatment. Currently the hospital has only one apheresis machine. The head of the Infectious Diseases Department has made an urgent request for a second machine. She stated that patients are dying because there is only one apheresis machine and that a second machine would be directly saving the lives of patient with severe COVID-19 infection or other critical illnesses.

Welfare Aid International has committed to purchasing this machine for the hospital from a wholesaler of medical equipment in Iran. The cost of the machine is approximately $26,500.

You will be directly contributing to saving the lives of many patients by contributing to this project.