Only 24% of Tanzania's 37M people who live in rural areas have access to any electricity. The challenges faces range from health problems as a result of using kerosene or wood-burning, social in form of students unable to study at night and the inability to charge mobile phones and therefore communication issues, economical and environmental. Indeed most development agencies have demonstrated that one of the best ways to get a population out of poverty is access to energy (power). 

Welfare aid has combined forces with the Desk and Chair foundation to provide solar kits for rural populations in Tanzania. Each Kit costing a mere $100 supplies a rural household with 2 bulbs, a solar panel, phone charging facilities and a battery. 

These simple kits have already been shown to have significant impacts on School student retention and performance, family income (saving on other more deadly fuels such as kerosene), health and social impacts. 

Join us today and join this revolution!