Sadaqah Jariyah on behalf of the late Haji Mariam Asadallah Saab

Do you want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money in aid of Welfare Aid International Incorporated and every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to the Saab family.

More information about Welfare Aid International Incorporated: We are an Australian charity committed to changing the lives of the most impoverished by providing basic needs to those who need it the most. Read more

Kamran, Ahmed and Haris - Fundraising page

We are raising money via Welfare Aid International for the victims of flood in Pakistan. As winter approaches in Pakistan, even darker clouds loom. Severe shortage of basic medical goods, warm clothes, tents, food, and clean water supplies is seen in affected areas. Read more


WAI is raising funds to support over 2 million displaced people due to violence in Burkina Faso Read more

Syed Muhammad Ali Zaid's Pakistan's Flood Appeal

Pakistan - a nation of about 220 million people and a country spread over 750,000 square km - has been devastated by recent flooding. One third of the country is underwater (souce: CNN). 33 million people are affected - almost 1.25 times of entire Australia's population. (Source: Earth observatory NASA website). Read more

Hassan Syed's fundraising page

From human to human, soul to soul we all are connected. The humanitarian and economical disaster the people of Pakistan are facing made me to come out here and try my bit to help the helpless.

I need your support so together we can make an impact. Please, give me a hand.
Read more

Ramadhan Sponsorship 2022 resources

Help feed the neediest this Shahr Ramadhan. Read more

Hussein Saab’s Birthday Well

I’m raising money for Welfare aid International as Sadaqah Jariyah on behalf of my father as a birthday present.
“When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them.” Read more

Drought Appeal- Kenya resources

Help us help the most vunerable who are facing starvation in Kenya. Read more

Essential Aid Kigoma resources

This project provides food and water relief in the western part of Tanzania. The project has so far provided -Water well servicing a large community -A sustainable sheep farm -Food basket provisions Read more

Paypal donation

Use the links below to either do a one-off payment or a regular payment to your favourite projects! Read more