Dear Donors,

Assalamu Alaikum

Thank you for your donations to the Kabul Blast victims appeal. $35000 was raised during this appeal. The funds were used to provide financial relief to the families of the deceased and injured. $100AUD was given for each of the approximately 240 victims.

Some families visited by the volunteers did not even have the required funds for a taxi to transport the injured victims to the hospital. Other families will need help with the cost of the funeral and burial.

In addition, as the aim of the terrorist attack was to deprive the girls in this community from access to education, the remaining funds will be used to set up an educational project for the girls in this community. The funds will be used to employ teachers and to rent a number of properties to set up a tuition centre for Maths, English and computer skills. We hope that this will allow these girls to continue to access education.

Attached are reports in Farsi and Arabic, which briefly show the visits to the families and the delivery of the above donations to them.

Your help has come at a vital time for these families. We pray that Allah SWT blesses them with patience and has Mercy on those who have passed away.