Drought Appeal- Kenya resources

Help us help the most vunerable who are facing starvation in Kenya. Read more

Essential Aid Kigoma resources

This project provides food and water relief in the western part of Tanzania. The project has so far provided -Water well servicing a large community -A sustainable sheep farm -Food basket provisions Read more

Paypal donation

Use the links below to either do a one-off payment or a regular payment to your favourite projects! Read more

Walk for Imam Husain (as)

It's that valuable time of year again where millions of people from around the world gather in one place to walk to Karbala to show their love and gratitude to Imam Hussain (as), his family and companions. I'm inviting you and your families to join me in a 14km walking challenge these school holidays in the name of our 14 Infalables Inshalla. Read more

Water well Sponsored by -A Helpful Vision- Delivered

Grateful villagers thanked the donours for bringing ease to their lives! Read more

Purchase of a life-saving Apheresis Machine resources

An apheresis machine allows the donation of plasma blood products (instead of donation of whole blood products). Treatment with plasma infusion is an essential part of care for patients who are in the critical stage of COVID-19 infection. Read more

Give the Gift of Sight! resources

Give the unique gift of sight for mere $140! Read more

Afghanistan Emergency Aid Muharram 2021 resources

As the western troops withdraw from Afghanistan, the situation is becoming hostile for many minority groups especially the Shia. This Muharram, please help support these vulnerable people with food, clothing and education. Read more

Hossen & Abbas Jomaa's fundraising page

I’m raising money for Welfare aid International to build a water well in memory of Hossen & Abbas Jomaa Read more

Build a Water Well in Tazania as Sadaqah Jariyah

I’m raising money for Welfare aid International because their mission means a lot to me, they provide reliable services which aid the people of Africa. Such as access to clean water, which means cooking, washing, watering crops and animals, making wudu no longer pose a threat of illness/disease.

Read more