Solar Panels- Rural Tanzania resources

Give solar electricity to the neediest and isolated and transform their lives! Read more

Celiac Disease Appeal resources

A call for support of celiac disease patients living in southern Iran. Read more

Mothers 2 Mothers resources

Mothers 2 Mothers is a campaign to help relieve the pain of the mothers living in the painful realities of hardship and the mother that knows her hands are tied to try and help the other. Read more

Palestine Emergency Relief Appeal resources

Humanitarian crisis in Palestine needs our urgent attention and support Read more

Burkina Faso West Africa- Education support resources

Support self-sufficiency projects for a school. Read more

Al-Zahraa Orphanage resources

Welfare Aid's own orphanage in Tanzania Read more

Orphan Aid- Iraq resources

Sponsor an orphan to change a generation Read more

Imam Sajjad Primary Schools, Guinea resources

Education and school sponsorship Read more

Yemen Welfare Appeal resources

Support Yemen today! Read more

Water Wells- Tanzania resources

Build a well. Read more

Food Relief 2021 - Kenya resources

Iftar Distribution - Kenya Read more

Yemen Orphan appeal resources

Yemen Orphan appeal Read more

Water Truck- Tanzania resources

Supplying water to places where wells are not possible and no running water exists. Read more

Pakistan Welfare appeal resources

Welfare Aid International has partnered with the JDC welfare organisation to provide emergency aid in Pakistan to support some of the most vulnerable people in the region. Read more

Lebanon Disaster Relief resources

The explosion at the port of Beirut on the 5th August 2020 has caused loss of life, many injuries, and the displacement of thousands of people. It has also added to the economic strain that the people of Lebanon are feeling. Read more

Imam Murtaza - Medical Aid resources

Imam Murtaza Charity currently runs two medical clinics in Tehran, one a 4 storey building and the other a 5 storey building, and services those in poverty including those living in Iran who have had to migrate from Afghanistan and Iraq.  Those who can afford to pay for the service pay a discounted fee, while those who are not able to are offered the service free of charge. Read more

Indigenous youth education support resources

Inspiring indigenous youth to pursue a career in science or indeed to lead and change their destiny despite their circumstance has had a tremendous impact on the community. Support revive foundation to assist more such vulnerable youth to change their stars! Read more

General appeal resources

Donate to this fund to allow for distribution to emergency situations around the world. The funds may also be used to top up other projects in the portfolio. Read more

Maternal and Newborn Baby Kits Tanzania resources

Donate today to provide basic necessities for the safe birth of a child. Read more